The Final Stretch

As the third year of medical school is swiftly coming to a close, the year is hardly winding down. The list of things I need to accomplish in the coming weeks is only growing in its length and intensity. And as the tedium and misery of life in medical school is coming to a fever pitch, my energy level is waning.

At the same time, I do not look upon the graduating fourth years with any envy; I would rather be in the position of going into fourth year, than starting a grueling internship. I’m not ready to assume the responsibility of being a fully fledged physician yet, and that’s okay because I still have a year to go and a lot yet to learn.

There is however, a light at the end of the tunnel, and perhaps it’s just the turn in the weather, but despite being the most stressed I have ever been in my short, silly, simple life, I am hopeful for the future and looking forward to the end of third year. When I encounter teenagers who find their lives overwhelming, I can only shake my head; if only they knew that they are living through the last of their care-free days on this earth. In a few short years, they will have to feed their own mouths, pay their own bills, and assume responsibility over their lives.

It’s officially the final stretch; time for a full on sprint.


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