Resources for painlessly staying up to date on medical literature

There are always new papers coming out in medicine, but ain’t nobody got time to read all of that. Here are a few resources for painlessly staying up to date on the medical literature, in order to derive the greatest amount of information from the least amount of reading, impress your attendings, and piss off your peers as they wonder how you manage to stay on top of the literature while still enjoying a life outside of medicine.


Podcasts are a great resource that you can utilize while commuting, working out, or getting ready in the morning, and the best part is, they require no reading at all, and therefore, no more time out of your already busy schedule. There are many medical podcasts available from many journals, but some have more production value than others. The ones below have the benefit of being informative and well produced.

UpToDate Talk – I am embarrassed to say I literally gasped when I found out a few months ago that UpToDate has its own podcast. Needless to say, it’s amazing, and well worth the half hour investment. It’s a 30 minute podcast summarizing recent papers in medicine.
JAMA Clinical Reviews – This is a variable length podcast focusing on discussion of a particular paper with one of its authors (15-30 min.)
JAMA Editors’ Summary – Here the editor of JAMA summarizes the papers appearing in the week’s issue of JAMA in about 10 minutes. 
It’s also worth pointing out that JAMA also has podcasts for several specialities.
NEJM This Week – 30 min weekly podcast summarizing the papers appearing in the week’s issue of NEJM
NEJM Interviews – ~10 min weekly podcast covering one paper featured in NEJM
NEJM Journal Watch – Clinical Conversations  – 15 min monthly podcast discussing one paper featured in NEJM

Quick Reads

2 Minute Medicine® is a physician-run, medical news website which offers summaries of   papers, featuring a concise summary, and further reading for more depth.

This is ostensibly the wikipedia of clinical trials, providing very readable summaries of the earth-shattering, guideline-changing clinical trials that you simply have neither the time nor the desire to sift through yourself. There is also an app available for purchase.

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